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What is Hernia?

When a part of intestine or other organs present in our abdomen start bulging out due to defect, hole or weakness of the muscles, then this condition is defined as hernia.

If a hernia disIt can be present since birth. These are congenital hernias and are caused due to incomplete closure of membranes present inside the abdomen. Sometimes, such defects can manifest or become symptomatic in later years

Hernia which occurs in old age is mainly due to muscle weakness resulting in their tear.

If the bulge spontaneously disappears on lying down or by pressing upon the bulge, it is a reducible hernia.

If the bulge is permanent and does not disappear, then it is an irreducible hernia.

Risk Factors For The Development Of Hernia

Hernias may be congenital( present since birth) or it may be caused by a combination of muscle weakness and strain. A hernia can develop quickly or over a long period of time, depending on its cause.

What are some of the Symptoms of Hernia?

Small hernia may not be noticed by patients and often general surgeons find it during a routine physical check-up. Hernia Symptoms vary from a painless lump to a painful, tender and swollen protrusion which is difficult to be pushed back into the abdomen

Types Of Hernia

Hernia can occur at different places between the chest and the thigh and depending upon their location, it can be:

What is the Treatment of Abdominal Hernia?

There is no medical treatment and Surgery is the only treatment option for abdominal hernia. It is better to undergo surgery when it is uncomplicated. The possible complications include obstruction or strangulation which may be life threatening.

On the type & location of Hernia, your Hernia surgeon will decide the type of hernia repair surgery. The surgery involves pushing hernia content back inside and inserting a special strong ‘mesh’ for tension-free hernia repair to cover the ‘defect’ and prevent the herniation. This surgery can be done by conventional surgery or Laparoscopically. A person after hernia surgery can live a healthy and active lifestyle without fear of complications of hernia.

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