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Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, are the lumps or swollen veins formed inside and around the anus. These swollen veins within the anus (internal haemorrhoids) and under the skin of the anus (external haemorrhoids) are just like the varicose veins.

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ReSTORA CARE is one of the leading healthcare centres in Noida offering treatment to many health conditions, including piles. We offer Hassle Free Laser Piles treatment in the Best clinic with Personalised care. Our expert Doctor in Noida NCR will take care of Piles in a painless one day Laser Surgery.

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Symptoms & Diagnosis

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Best Piles Treatment in Delhi NCR

Piles are believed to be one of the most painful and embarrassing diseases that a human body can suffer from. Also known as hemorrhoids, piles are extremely painful and causes profuse bleeding at the time. Taking care of the disease at the earliest is one thing that you cannot avoid or deny at any cost. Reach ReSTORA Care Clinic at the earliest if you are willing to find and reach the best piles clinic near me in Delhi NCR.

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Causes & Types of Piles

Hemorrhoids or Piles is one of the terrible diseases that people all over the world face. India is no exception. Due to the fact that it is related to the anus or rectum area, people often try not to talk openly about their sufferings. Instead, they bear the pain calmly year after year. As per the available data and statistics, people over the age of 50 years are the soft targets of this disease. However, that does not mean that people in other age groups are safe as the cases are found in other age groups too.

Causes Of Piles:

  • Advanced age or Aging
  • Lifting of a heavy object
  • Chronic diarrhea or constipation
  • Pregnancy
  • Natural childbirth causes over-stretching of the anus
  • Heredity cases
  • Sitting for a longer duration
  • Spending long periods of time in the toilet
  • Patients using blood thinners like
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Diagnosis & Investigations

Usually, the diagnosis is done with the help of tests or physical examination of the anus area and anal canal region. It is very much important to eliminate more thoughtful grounds of bleeding, like cancer. The doctors go for colonoscopy or proctoscopy for the detection of the disease called piles. The process is minimally invasive and can be undertaken in the OPDs. Additionally, the doctors also recommend sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy investigations of the large intestine. These tests are necessary to find if the patients are suffering from other diseases or not.

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Prevention of Piles

The best way to avert hemorrhoids or piles is to make the stool soft so that it can pass easily and smoothly. The doctors suggest ways to decrease pressure and strain for bowel movements. They also suggest a fiber-rich diet that helps in reducing constipation. If the diet is regulated in this way, introducing bulk laxatives may be essential. It can stop the deterioration of the disorder. There are abundant suppositories and creams that relieve irritation and pain in the anus region.

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Treatment Options for The Piles

  • Most of the indications are just because of descensus, blockage, and vascular bleeding. Due to this, medicated creams have some or little role in the treatment of piles complaints.
  • Taking a bath in tubs with warm water eases painful conditions. It causes a reduction of the sphincter instrument and reduces spasms.
  • The treating doctors suggest a good quality of purgatives for the treatment of bowel movement and related infection.
  • Advanced laser surgery is available with the leading laser clinics. The doctors prescribe laser surgery that is completely safe and provides a complete cure to the patients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can laser treatment cure piles completely?

Yes! Laser treatment can be very effective when it comes to treating the disease. You can trust the experts at the leading laser surgeons at ReSTORA Care Clinic and that can set you free from the most tedious disease.

What is the cost of piles treatment with laser technology?

Well, the cost depends on multiple things that actually determine the final pricing of the treatment. These factors include the condition of the patient, the challenge or complexity level involved in the treatment, and many other things.

How long does it take for a patient to get back to a normal lifestyle after undergoing laser treatment?

Usually, laser surgeons take 24-48 hours to allow a patient to get back to his normal lifestyle. Since the treatment does not include any incisions, therefore the treatment is very effective and it heals faster.

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